Back Swing Spiral Welded Pipe Mill 11

Four Technical Advantages of Spiral Welded Pipe Mill

  • Automatic alignment function of the uncoiler:

The operation table of the uncoiler of this mill is equipped with a “alignment” button. When this button is pressed, the double column heads of the uncoiler will automatically align with the centerline, so that the edges of the steel plate fed in will be consistent with the centerline of the mill. There is no need to use vertical rollers to adjust repeatedly, which increases the stability of the production process and improves the quality of the steel pipe.

  • Fully automatic computer control system for forming machine:

The adjustment of the forming machine of this mill adopts database and computer fully automatic control technology. When changing the specifications of the spiral welding mill, it is necessary to adjust the angle between the rear carrier and the forming machine, the position of the positioning vertical roller of the forming machine, the angle of the 7 assembled rollers of the forming machine, the position of the 7 rollers of the forming machine, the angle of the welding pad roller, the angle of the rear carrier driving roller, the angle of the rear carrier centralizer roller, the position of the rear carrier centralizer roller, and the angle of the flying cut car. The previous mill adjustment work was completed by experienced adjustment workers, mainly relying on their experience. This can easily lead to inadequate adjustment and repeated adjustments, resulting in more defective pipe products and a large workload of adjustment.

All the angles and positions that need to be adjusted for this mill are precisely controlled by the encoder, and a complete database has been established in advance based on theoretical data. When producing a certain specification of steel pipe, only parameters such as plate width, pipe diameter, and wall thickness need to be input on the computer, and all the adjusted parts will reach the correct positions on their own and be directly started for production. This reduces adjustment work, reduces reliance on experienced adjustment workers, and reduces waste pipe rate. Due to the complexity of the equipment, the data in the database may not be entirely suitable. Therefore, the system design has fine-tuning and database correction functions. After a certain specification adjustment is appropriate, the database can be corrected and can be directly produced when it is produced again.

  • Fully automatic adjustment guide plate:

The guide plate of this mill adopts fully electric adjustment, which no longer requires manual adjustment, saving labor and time. Moreover, the parameters such as the position, length, and pressing down amount of the guide plate all enter the database of the fully automatic computer control system. During the fully automatic type change, the guide plate will automatically adjust the position, length, and pressing down amount without manual intervention.

  • Online welding seam grinding and polishing technology:

Due to the special applications of power pipelines, this mill has designed online internal and external weld polishing equipment to grind and polish the internal and external welds, producing qualified products in one go.

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