Large Diameter LSAW 5

How much do you know about the processing technology of welding pipe mill?

  • Firstly, to understand the processing technology of the welded pipe roller machine, we must first understand the quenching process. The rollers need to be quenched and low-temperature tempered after rough and semi precision turning, and before precision turning.Quenching is to change the microstructure of the roller, transforming the ball like pearlite after withdrawal into tempered martensite and a small amount of residual austenite, thereby improving the surface hardness and wear resistance of the roller; Obtain sufficient strength and toughness; Extend the service life of the roller.
  • Secondly, the common bucket roller is chrome plated. During the printing process, ink stains on the water roller will also spread to the water transfer roller and water bucket roller, reducing their water transfer performance. In addition, when the shutdown time is long, even if there is no ink contamination on the water bucket roller and ink transfer roller, a layer of oxide film is formed on the surface, and at the same time, the roller surface adsorbs impurities such as oil mist and dust in the air, which changes their original hydrophilicity.
  • Finally, based on the deformation law of the strip steel, we choose edge bending forming method, double radius bending combination forming method, W reverse bending forming method, and row roller straight edge forming method. In terms of pass design, computer aided design and simulation analysis of roll deformation are used to optimize roll design.
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