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Introduction to the Patent of Our Company’s Welding Pipe Mill (2)

Name: A type of straight seam welded pipe forming machine without changing the roll

Patentee: Shanxi Haina High Tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd


This utility model belongs to the technical field of straight seam welded pipe forming machines, and specifically relates to a straight seam welded pipe forming machine with adjustable and non replaceable rollers, which includes a first pair of neutral rollers, a second pair of neutral rollers, a feeding roller frame, a third pair of neutral rollers, a rough forming first frame, a rough forming second frame, a rough forming third frame, a rough forming fourth frame, a rough forming fifth frame, and a vertical roller group frame Precision formed first frame and precision formed second frame; The lateral and vertical positions of the rollers in each frame are electrically adjusted, and measurement mechanisms are designed for each adjustment position to digitally control the measurement values; Each specification of steel pipes was digitally modeled, and a data center covering all specifications was constructed using all parameter values. When specifications need to be changed, steel pipe specifications and raw material specifications are selected on the computer, and each adjustment mechanism automatically adjusts them.

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