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Introduction to the Patent of Our Company’s Welding Pipe Mill (3)

Name: offline uncoiling mill

Patentee: Shanxi Haina High Tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd


This utility model belongs to a new technology of uncoiling mills, and is an offline uncoiler, which includes a shovel head mechanism, an uncoiler, a mobile offline uncoiler, and a longitudinally movable coil transport and winding car. The shovel head mechanism and the mobile offline uncoiler cooperate to achieve uncoiling; The mobile offline unwinding machine includes a frame and a vehicle body installed on the frame. The vehicle body can move longitudinally along the frame, and the vehicle body is connected with corresponding moving mechanisms; The car body is equipped with a steel coil rotating pressing mechanism and a retractable straight head roller. The steel coil rotating pressing mechanism drives the steel coil to rotate through the contact between the pressing and the steel coil; The roll up and roll up car is located below the car body. The roll up and roll up car includes a roll up car body and a lifting car body. The lifting car body is connected to the roll up car body through a telescopic mechanism, which can drive the roll up and down car body. The lifting car body is equipped with rollers. The external uncoiling process and equipment of this line enable the uncoiling and unit work to be carried out simultaneously, greatly improving the unit operation rate.

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