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Introduction to the Patent of Our Company’s Welding Pipe Mill (4)

Name: A high-efficiency flat head chamfering machine for large diameter straight seam steel pipes and seamless steel pipes

Patentee: Shanxi Haina High Tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd


This utility model relates to an efficient flat head chamfering machine for large-diameter straight seam steel pipes and seamless steel pipes, which includes a left and right chamfering host, an alignment roller table, a left and right alignment baffle device, a pipe transport trolley, a V-shaped bracket group, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. The left and right chamfering hosts have the same structure, and the chamfering host includes a bed head box, a chamfering machine base, a fast feed servo drive system, a spindle frequency conversion drive system, a cutter head, and a flat head knife Outer chamfering knife, inner chamfering knife, anti iron chip splashing system, lower fixture, lower fixture lifting device, upper fixture, upper fixture and lower pressure oil cylinder; The alignment roller table consists of an electric motor, a reducer, a V-shaped roller, and a base; The alignment baffle consists of a baffle, a baffle telescopic oil cylinder, and a baffle base; The transportation and management trolley includes a translational vehicle body, a translational oil cylinder, a lifting vehicle body, a lifting oil cylinder, a guide rail, and a base; The V-shaped bracket group includes a lifting bracket, a bracket lifting system, and a bracket base. The utility model relates to the technical field of pipe end face machining machinery.

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