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New technologies for high-frequency straight seam steel pipe mills

  • In the preparation process, a roll loop storage device was developed, including a vertical roll loop storage device and a horizontal (horizontal) roll loop storage device.
  • Double line forming has been developed in the forming part, which involves dividing one strip of steel into two strips through longitudinal shearing during the preparation process and supplying them to two rows of forming machines simultaneously.
  • The structure of the forming machine has developed some vertical roller groups, small row roller straight edge forming, and vertical roller forming (VRF). In addition to roller forming, tracked forming machines and specialized units for thick walled pipes have also been developed.
  • Welding methods have developed such as DC welding, square wave welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, and inert gas shielded high-frequency welding.
  • Establish an online continuous thickness measurement, temperature measurement, speed measurement, and current measurement process detection system on the welded pipe unit, and automatically control the welding process (output power or welding temperature) and detect the pressure of the extrusion roller through a computer.
  • The internal burr removal process can be carried out on steel pipe production lines with an inner diameter of 15-20 mm.
  • Laser diameter measurement on the sizing machine have been developed to control accuracy.
  • After the welding machine, an online continuous cold reducing machine have been developed.
  • Online continuous eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing have been developed on the production line.
  • The heat treatment technology for steel pipes has developed online weld seam heat treatment, offline medium frequency induction heat treatment, and continuous bright annealing heat treatment.
  • A new process of micro oxidation reduction hot dip galvanizing has been developed in anti-corrosion technology, including online continuous single side (outer) hot dip galvanizing process and surface coating process.
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