Slitting Line 2

Carbon steel coil slitting machine is used to open the thin coil and slit the steel with the circle shear. By the precise tensioner, the accurate tension is supplied. The recoiler takes the process. Then, the narrow coils are packed. Because the speed of precise slitting line is high, the precise slitting line in our company adopts many patent technologies. Following-up uncoiler adjusts the coil position according to the steel. Precise tensioner can supply the different tensioner according to the material and thickness. The following-up recoiler can adjust the position according to the coil too to let the coil assignment etc.

Product Details


No. Model Steel Thickness


Coil Width


Cutting Speed




1 HNZJ-01 0.2~1.0 500~1250 80~150 100 12×30
2 HNZJ-02 0.5~2 900~1250 50~100 150 12×30
3 HNZJ-04 1.5~4 1000~1500 40~80 175 12×30
4 HNZJ-06 2~6 1000~1550 30~60 200 12×30

Production Process

Coil Loading — Following Up Uncoiling — Steel Ends Cutting — Circle Shear — Scraps Recoiling — Accumulator —   Tensioner — Following Up Recoiler—Coil Unloading Carriage

Slitting Line 2

Slitting Line 3