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Straight seam welded pipe mill also is called ERW mill. The plate in certain width after slitting line and stripping is unfolded and leveled. Then, they are sent into forming machine. Used the roller, the plate is bent into pipe state. The edge of the steel plate is melted by making use of the proximity effect and skin effect of high frequency current. Then, the plate is extruded and welded into the pipe by extruding roller. Then, the final pipe is manufactured out after the IF annealing, fly-saw and sizing. API standard straight seam HF welded pipe mill introduction is mainly used for producing the high grade pipe such as oil, gas delivering and casing pipe in the oil well. These high grade pipes strictly require the pipe material and pipe quality. This kind of straight seam HF welded pipe mill has IF annealing, air cooling roller rail, UT detector, high pressure hydrotester, diameter drifter and other detect equipments and art craft.

Product Details


The forming styles of straight seam welded pipe can be divided into roll forming, flexible forming, full auto flexible forming. The mill developed by our company adopts roll forming when having small diameter (Φ≤114). Flexible forming or full automatic flexible forming is adopted when having middle or large diameter(Φ≤711).

In recent year, our company developed the precise control forming. The advantage of this kind forming is to guarantee the excellent forming quality in rough forming section through the precise control. Then it is no need to have the repair management in precise forming section. Therefore, the precise forming in this forming method does not need to change the roller. All the forming section does not need to change the roller, which solves the problem of the change in precise forming section and non-change in rough forming section. Therefore, it saves the roller investment and decreases the time of roller changing. Besides, during the diameter changing, all are controlled by industrial computer. The roller will automatically reach the position by inputting the pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, material and other parameters. It largely improves the mill efficiency and pipe qualified rate. This forming method is suitable for medium and large mill from 219mm to 711mm, which saves the investment and improves the efficiency.

Available Models

No. Model Specification(mm) Forming Speed(m/min) Thickness(mm) Capacity(kw) Area(M2)
1 HNZF-114 Φ50~Φ114 10~90 2.0~9.0 ~700 18×120
2 HNZF-127 Φ50~Φ127 10~90 2.0~9.0 ~700 18×120
3 HNZF-140 Φ60~Φ140 10~90 2.0~10 ~750 18×120
4 HNZF-165 Φ76~Φ165 10~80 2.0~10 ~800 18×150
5 HNZF-219 Φ89~Φ219 10~60 3.0~14 ~1000 24×200
6 HNZF-273 Φ89~Φ273 10~60 3.0~14 ~1200 24×200
7 HNZF-325 Φ140~Φ325 10~40 4.0~16 ~2500 24×300
8 HNZF-355 Φ140~Φ355 10~40 4.0~16 ~2500 24×300
9 HNZF-406 Φ165~Φ406 8~30 4.0~16 ~3000 24×400
10 HNZF-426 Φ165~Φ426 8~30 4.0~16 ~3000 24×400
11 HNZF-508 Φ219~Φ508 8~30 4.0~20 ~5000 30×400
12 HNZF-610 Φ273~Φ610 8~30 4.0~22 ~7000 30×400
13 HNZF-630 Φ273~Φ630 8~30 4.0~22 ~7000 30×400
14 HNZF-660 Φ273~Φ660 8~30 4.0~25 ~7000 30×400
15 HNZF-711 Φ325~Φ711 8~25 5.0~25 ~10000 30×600

Production Process

Loading Coil – Uncoiling – Leveling – Cutting And Coil Welding – Accumulator And Material Storage – Precise Leveling – Forming – High Frequency Welding – Water Cooling –Online UT Detector –  IF Annealing – Stable Pipe Pulling–  Air Cooling – Water Cooling – Sizing – Flying Cut Off – Pipe End Facing And Beveling Machine – Hydrotester – Offline UT Welding Seam And Pipe Inspection – Weighting, Measuring, Spraying – Pipe Collection

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