ERW Without Roller Changing

During the diameter changing, the whole complete forming line does not need to change the roller in compared with before precise forming roller changing. Then, the investment for the roller can be saved, which is suitable for the large and medium diameter machine.

Product Details

During the diameter changing, the adjustment of roller is automatic too. It only needs to input the diameter, pipe wall thickness, material and other parameter in the IPC. Then, the entire roller will be automatically adjusted to the right position. Then, the machine can be started directly to have the production. A lot of time can be saved for the roller changing to let the variety diameters pipes production in little quantity to be possible. It improves the machine efficiency and machine starting rate. Besides, automatic adjustment can make the adjustment accurate, decrease the error on the manual adjustment, improve the qualified rate, and the economic efficiency.

Certainly, the pipe shape from the automatic adjustment can be not very perfect at first using. Then it needs the micro-adjustment. The micro-adjustment in our company is convenient too. The hand type controller can be used to convenient adjust the roller position.

This kind of machine can produce top grade pipe in the high standard API pipe and the normal fluid pipe and structure pipe.


1.Φ108~Φ219 mill,Wall thickness range: 2-12mm,Max. material: X80

2.Φ114~Φ273 mill,Wall thickness range: 2-14mm, Max. material: X80

3.Φ127~Φ325 mill,Wall thickness range: 3-16mm, Max. material: X80

4.Φ168~Φ426 mill,Wall thickness range: 3-18mm, Max. material: X80

5.Φ219~Φ508 mill,Wall thickness range: 4-20mm, Max. material: X80

6.Φ273~Φ630 mill,Wall thickness range: 4-22mm,Max. material: X80

7. Φ325~Φ711 mill,Wall thickness range: 5-25mm, Max. material: X80

Production Process

Coil loading—Uncoiler—Leveling—Steel Cutting and Welding—Accumulator—Fine Leveling—Forming—HF Welding—Water Cooling—Online UT Detector—IF Annealing—Stable Steel Pulling—Air Cooling—Water Cooling—Sizing—After Saw Sizing Cutting—Pipe End Facing and Beveling Machine— Hydrotester —Offline UT Welding Seam and Pipe Body Detector—Weighting, Measuring, Marking—Pipe Storage

Spiral looper 1

Rough Forming Machine 1

Precision Forming Machine 1

Forming Machine 1

Milling flying saw 1