500T Hydrotester

Finishing Equipments Of SSAW Pipe Mill

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Flat Head Chamfering Machine

Spiral welded pipe chamfering machine  is mainly used for pipe end facing and beveling. The pipe end facing and beveling machine has profile beveling knife with beautiful beveling outlook.

The pipe chamfering machine diameter range in our company is from Φ219 to Φ5000mm. The wall thickness is from 3mm to 40mm. The pipe length is from 6m to 12m. The material is from Q235B to X100.

Process: Pipe Loading—Pipe Connecting—Clamping—Flat Head Chamfering—Clamper Loosen—Pipe Exit

Flat head chamfering machine 1

Flat head chamfering machine 2


Hydrotester is mainly used for testing the pipe. It adopts polyamine end sealing and internal support large gap sealing two kinds of sealing method. Besides, this line has oil-water balance system. The industrial computer can record, store, and print the testing results. The hydrotester has the advantages, such as stable pressure maintaining, high safety.The hydrotester in our company can test the pipe from Φ219 to Φ5000mm. Max. testing pressure is 50Mpa.

Process:Pipe Loading—Pipe Connecting—Water Filling—Pressurizing—Pressure Maintaining—Pressure Relieving—Water Exhausting—Pipe Exit

500T Hydrotester

1000T Hydrotester

Pipe Expander

Pipe expander is mainly used for expanding the pipe end of spiral welded pipe to let the different batch pipes or different manufacturing pipes to be the same. Then, the onsite pipe connection can be guaranteed.The pipe expander in our company is from Φ325 to Φ1620mm. The pipe wall thickness is from 3mm to 25mm. The material is from Q235B to X100.

Process: Pipe Loading—Pipe Supporting—Head Feeding—Pipe End Expanding—Expanding Head Back Forward —Pipe Dropping—Pipe Exit

expander 1

expander 2

Weld Seam Grinding Machine

For the submerged-arc welding pipe, the welding seam has the surplus. Before having the beveling and hydrotesting, the both sides of pipe need to be grinded. Internal & external grinder can take the role of manual grinding to save the labor, decrease the labor intensity, and improve the production efficiency.

Process: Pipe Feeding—Welding Seam Alignment—Pipe Rotating—Grinding and Feeding—Finishing—Grinding Head Back Forward—Pipe Exiting

Weld seam grinding machine 1

Weld seam grinding machine 2

Deslagging Machine

After the submerged arc welding, the residual welding flux and peeling welding slag stay in the pipe. It is not easy to clean for the small size pipe. Traditionally, the crane hangs up one side of pipe to clean the slag. This kind of method occupies the crane and it is not safety. The deslagging is not enough. The deslagger can incline the pipe and rotate the pipe to clean the welding slag. It also can save the crane source with high safety.

Process: Pipe Feeding—Pipe Incline—Pipe Rotating—Deslagging—Put Flat Pipe—Pipe Exiting

Deslagging machine