The seamless steel pipe mill of our company uses the world’s advanced technology to produce qualified hot-rolled seamless steel tubes. Main uses: petroleum casing, high-pressure fluid delivery pipe, boiler pipe, structural pipe and machining pipe, etc.

Product Details

Production Process

Solid continuous casting round bar billet → tube blank saw feeding → fixed length saw cut into short tube billet → ring furnace loading table → ring heating furnace charging → ring heating furnace heating tube billet → ring heating furnace discharge → chain The traversing machine transports the tube blank to the input roller table → the tube blank is transferred to the front receiving groove of the piercer → the pusher pushes the round tube blank into the rotating hole pattern and pierces and rolls → pierces into the specified hollow capillary tube → pierces The rear capillary tube is transported to the tube rolling machine by the horizontal movement chain mechanism → the capillary tube is rolled to form the barren tube → the barren tube is output from the background of the tube rolling machine → barren tube is transported to the descaling device to remove the scale on the barren tube surface → enter the three-roll sizing machine diameter → The steel pipe after sizing is a hot seamless steel pipe that conforms to the product standard diameter and wall thickness → cooling bed cooling → straightener straightening → pipe cutting → hydraulic test → flat chamfering → length measurement and weighing → collect and pack into storage


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