Stainless Steel Gas Tube Mill 6

Due to the special environment in coal mines, there are also special requirements for pipelines. Underground dampness, high corrosion resistance of pipelines; pyrotechnics underground is strictly prohibited, high flame retardancy of pipelines; due to negative pressure drainage, pipeline rigidity is better; due to construction difficulties, pipeline weight should be light. There are two main types of pipes that meet these requirements, polyethylene pipes and stainless-steel pipes. Due to the flame retardancy limitations of polyethylene pipes, stainless steel pipes are now increasingly used.

Product Details

The production process of stainless-steel pipe has two processes of continuous production and intermittent production. Intermittent production includes JCOE process and coiling process. The coiling process is relatively primitive and simple, the production efficiency is very low, the quality of the steel pipe is difficult to guarantee, and it is not suitable for the needs of mass production; the steel pipe quality of the JCOE unit is good, but the investment is relatively large, the production efficiency is relatively low, and it is not suitable for the production thin-walled steel pipe.

Continuous production of spiral welded pipe technology and straight seam welded pipe technology, spiral welded pipe can be extruded before rolling round ribs, can increase the rigidity of the pipeline, so it is widely used, but because of technical limitations, straight welded pipe cannot be made of particularly thin-walled steel pipe , So restricted. The thin-wall continuous straight-seam welded pipe unit developed by our company is a special unit for the production of gas drainage pipes. It overcomes the limitation of the thickness-diameter ratio of the straight-seam pipe of 0.01-0.1, and can fully produce thin-wall high-rigidity gas pipes.

The thin-walled continuous straight seam welded pipe mill adopts our company’s latest forming technology, which can produce 325*2.5, 426*3, 711*5, 813*6 gas pipes, continuous forming, continuous welding, good quality steel pipe and high production efficiency. The stainless-steel welded pipe with a diameter of 325-Φ813mm and a wall thickness of 2-6mm produced by the unit is particularly suitable for gas pipes in coal mines. The unit adopts the molding technology specially developed by our company, and the rollers of the molding machine do not need to be replaced, saving investment. The sizing roll adopts the side-push quick-change technology. It only takes 2-3 hours to change the specifications, and the production efficiency is particularly high.

Stainless Steel Gas Tube Mill 6

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