Round to square pipe mill without roller changing introduction:
Round to square pipe mill without roll changing is our company new product. During the diameter changing, the whole complete forming line does not need to change the roller in compared with before precise forming roller changing. Sizing section bears the responsibility for the work from round to square. Our mill adopt the newest technology. The sizing section from round to square does not need the roller changing too. This kind of technology not only avoids the large investment on the roller, which is suitable for the large and medium mill. When the diameter changing , the roller adjustment is complete automatic. It only needs to input the diameter, pipe wall thickness, material and other parameter in the IPC. Then, the entire roller will be automatically adjusted to the right position. Then, the machine can be started directly to have the production. A lot of time can be saved for the roller changing to let the variety diameters pipes               production in little quantity to be possible. It improves the machine efficiency and machine starting rate. Besides, automatic adjustment can make the adjustment accurate, decrease the error on the manual adjustment, improve the qualified rate, and the economic efficiency.
The square pipe manufacture can be divided to two kinds of technology. One is direct to square cold rollforming technology in general use for the domestic market. Because this kind of technology can use one kind of roller to produce many kinds of square pipe, which saves the lots of roller investment. But the pipes from this kind of technology have the defect, such as unevenness of four angles in square pipe and unfull on round angle. Therefore, this kind of pipe basically is not accepted in the foreign market. It is no problem for sale in domestic market. But export is the problem. Another kind of technology is round to square pipe technology, which is generally used in the foreign market. The round angle of the pipe from this kind technology is full and four angles are even. The outlook of pipe is pretty beautiful. But this kind of mill also has the certain fault. Due to the limited technology, each kind of pipe needs to change one set rollers. The investment of rollers is large and the roller changing takes time and energy. Our company adopts the newest technology, which solves the problem. Our machine only needs to change the welding roller. It is no need to change other rollers. The roller changing adopts computer control. This kind of technology not only avoids the large investment on the roller, but also can produce high quality square pipe. This mill is the best square pipe mill. This kind of mill can manufacture high standard exported square & rectangle pipe, the same as structure pipe.
Recommend mill model:
      1、 90×90~200×200 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 2-12mm,Max. material: Q345B;
2、 100×100~250×250 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 2-14mm,Max. material: Q345B
3、120×120~300×300 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 3-16mm,Max. material: Q345B
4、 150×150~350×350 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 3-18mm,Max. material: Q345B
5、 200×200~400×400 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 4-20mm,Max. material: Q345B
6、 250×250~450×450 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 4-22mm,Max. material: Q345B
7、 300×300~500×500 square pipe mill,wall thickness range: 5-25mm,Max. material: Q345B
Recommend mill production process
Coil loading—Uncoiling—Leveling—Steel cutting and welding—Accumulator—Precise leveling—Forming—HF welding—Stable steel pulling—Water cooling—Sizing( round to square)—Fly saw sizing cutting off—Square pipe automatic stacking—Packing—Pipe storage