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The Latest Technology of Welded Pipe Mill (2)

The Latest Technology of Welded Pipe Mill

3.Stainless Steel Composite Welded Pipe Mill

The stainless steel composite welded pipe unit is divided into two models according to the state of the steel plate. Thin-walled and narrow-width steel coils are produced continuously, and thick-walled and wide-width single steel plates are produced by intermittent production. In general, continuous production models are used for diameters below 325mm and wall thicknesses below 10mm, while intermittent production models are used for diameters of 325-914mm and wall thicknesses of 10-25mm.

The continuous production model is to open the steel coil for leveling, mill the bevel online, transform the steel strip into a round tube embryo through a forming machine, and then weld it into a stainless steel composite steel pipe through several welding passes.

The intermittent production model is to flatten and mill the single-sheet bimetallic steel plate after metallurgical compounding, and then enter the forming machine, use the single-sheet forming unit, and bend the compound steel plate into a circular tube through the physical action of the rollers. Then use our company’s patented welding device to weld the steel pipe.

Our company’s fully automatic precision control flexible molding technology, all molding machines do not need to replace rolls, which greatly reduces the investment.

4.LSAW Pipe Mill

The LSAW pipe mill is the latest unit developed by our company. This unit uses steel coils as raw materials to produce thick-walled high-strength straight-seam submerged arc steel pipes. The steel pipe produced by the LSAW pipe unit overcomes the disadvantages of uncontrollable weld quality, which is inferior to submerged arc welding and high energy consumption, overcomes the weld length of spiral welded pipe and unsuitable inspection after the weld is buried, and overcomes UOE and JCOE the disadvantages of huge investment and high production cost. The weld quality of LSAW pipe is the best among all welding processes, and it is also the most reliable, easy to detect, maintain and repair. The steel pipe produced by this unit covers most of the specifications used in the current oil and gas pipelines, and has a good market prospect.

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