HNGK ERW is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing the straight seam HF pipe welding machine(ERW LINE), straight seam submerged-arc pipe welding machine, large diameter stainless pipe welding machine, precise stainless industrial pipe welding machine, square and rectangle pipe machine, cold roll forming machine, spiral welded pipe mill, slitting line, cut to length line and other complete machine. Meanwhile, our company also develops and manufactures the pipe end facing and beveling machine, large-tonnage hydrotester and pipe end expander supporting the spiral welded pipe mill. The efficient pipe end facing and beveling machine and super tension hydrotester are also manufactured to support the straight seam welded pipe mill. Besides, the automatic packing machine for small size pipe production line is manufactured too, so does other craft equipment.

Shanxi Haina H-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. pays much attention to the absorption, introduction and development of new technology and increases the research cost on the new product Recently, many advanced machineries in the world are developed one after another including rough forming without roll changing, complete computer adjustment ERW line; complete forming line without roller changing from rough forming to precise forming, complete computer adjustment ERW line; complete forming line without roller changing even the round to square rack, complete computer adjustment square to rectangle pipe cold roll forming machine; large diameter stainless steel welded pipe mill; precise stainless industrial pipe welding machine; complete computer diameter changing high steel spiral welded pipe mill; small size automatic packing machine and other high technology equipment.

Company not only continuously improves the traditional machine in better condition and product in better condition, but also researches for the best. All these drive the company to have equipment with advanced technology, stable performance, reliable quality in leading position of industry.

Our company has more than ten years experience on the pipe making equipment with lots of technical information and onsite practice experience.

Our company has many powerful workshops with advanced equipment, strict management to supply the good support for the manufacture.

The main product in our company is pipe making machine. The technology and quality can reach to the advanced level in the world. It has good economy and feasibility with good reputation. The equipment are sold to twenty provinces almost in China. Meantime, the equipment also is exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Korea and other countries. 

Our company can supply the turkey project including the civil engineering(design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, production management, products sales etc).

Shanxi Haina H-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the company principle of “science and technology first, strive for perfection”. Besides, we have the developing aspiration of “Be the supper credibility, seek together for the prospect”. Our company would like to give the support for all the customers in the world even little support.