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round pipe mill without roller changing
round pipe mill without roller changing
ip adjusting square pipe mill
ip adjusting square pipe mill
stainless pipe mill
stainless pipe mill
back swing ssaw mill
back swing ssaw mill
special ssaw mill
special ssaw mill
combined line
combined line
ERW line
ERW line
stainless clad pipe mill
stainless clad pipe mill
front swing ssaw mill
front swing ssaw mill
slitting line
slitting line
spiral pipe hydrotester
spiral pipe hydrotester
erw pipe high pressure hydrotester
erw pipe high pressure hydrotester
ip adjusting round pipe mill
ip adjusting round pipe mill
multi-functional pipe mill
multi-functional pipe mill
offline ssaw mill
offline ssaw mill
cut to length line
cut to length line
spiral pipe end facing and beveling machine
spiral pipe end facing and beveling machine

Erw pipe line Also called Erw pipe mill or Erw line,Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) uses some rolls to gradually turn the steel strip into a seamed steel pipe, and uses a high-frequency welder to complete the welding of the steel pipe. Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) has a high production speed and is an efficient welded steel pipe production line.

However, when changing the specification of the steel pipe, since there are many rollers in the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill), it takes a lot of time to replace the rollers, which wastes a lot of time and seriously affects the output of the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill). Therefore, engineers have been studying how Erw pipe line (Erw pipe Mill) does not change rolls or change rolls in small amounts.

After years of research and practice, the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) can already replace the roller in the first half of the forming machine, but the roller still needs to be replaced in the second half of the forming machine.

After years of research, our company (Shanxi Haina H-tech Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.) finally realized that the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) machine does not need to change the roller, and completed the entire molding machine successfully in a 10 “Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) does not need to change the roller The effect is very good.

When the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) of our company changes the specification of the steel pipe, the entire roller of the molding machine does not need to be replaced. Only the position of the roller needs to be adjusted to produce the steel pipe of the next specification. Changing the position of the rollers also does not require workers to complete them. Instead, it is controlled by a computer. Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) has created a comprehensive database, which has all the steel pipe sizes that need to be produced. Workers only need to select the pipe size, and all future jobs are controlled by computers.

Erw pipe line control room can clearly display the status of each rack, roller position and other information. If there is a problem, the operator can be promptly reminded to make adjustments to avoid a large amount of waste.

This saves the waiting time for the Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill), improves the production efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

This can also accurately control the molding machine, reduce the production of waste steel pipes, and improve the yield of Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill).

At present, our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) is the world’s most advanced. Is also the only one Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill).

Our company welcomes the engineers of the steel pipe factory to inspect and guide.

The photo and video of this Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) are on our company website. Please visit our website.(

The new Erw pipe line does not change the roll

Advanced Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill)

Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) has many advanced technologies and advantages

1. Machines that do not require roll change:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) uses the world’s most advanced molding machine. On the basis of the rough molding machine does not need to change the roller, it also developed a precision forming machine that does not need to change the roller, so that the entire molding machine is not Need to change roll. In this way, the auxiliary time for roll change is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the production of orders of multiple specifications and small batches becomes possible.

2.Quickly change the sizing machine for changing rollers:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) sizing frame uses a roll quick change technology. When the roll is changed, the roll change mechanism pulls out the roll shaft from the side as a whole and feeds the backup roll set with the roll into the frame. In this way, the auxiliary time for roll change is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the production of orders of multiple specifications and small batches becomes possible.

3.Computer control transformation specification adjustment:

In the prior art, the adjustment of the rolls when changing specifications required highly skilled adjustment workers. Due to uncontrollable human factors, the scrap rate at the time of unit lead is relatively high, and the adjustment time is relatively long. All these seriously affect the unit yield and production efficiency. Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) has established a comprehensive database. When changing specifications, only the diameter, wall thickness and other parameters need to be input. The computer will call the database to adjust the position data, and the computer will drive the roller to reach the correct position. After the position is automatically stopped, the direct tape can be produced, which reduces the adjustment time and adjustment errors, and reduces the scrap rate when leading. This adjustment technology, combined with the molding machine without the replacement of the roll and the quick change roll sizing machine, the time for the unit to change specifications can reach within 2-3 hours, and it is in the leading position in the world.

4.Advanced offline stripping technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) uses off-line decoiling and unwinding technology to use the off-line decoiling station to unwind the next coil while the line is in normal operation. Once the steel coils on the production line are used up, the steel coils immediately after the end of the production line are loaded into the uncoiler, the pinch rolls are closed, the steel strips are sent to the primary leveling machine, and they enter the shear butt welding machine for butt welding. . This can save a lot of time for unwinding and unwinding, and makes the steel strip in the looper sufficient. It is not necessary to stop the discontinuity due to the gradual reduction of the steel strip in the looper, thereby reducing the generation of waste pipe. And after applying this technology, it also takes sufficient time to deal with the remaining weld height after the butt welding of the steel strip. If the residual height of the weld is not to be dealt with, the annealing equipment will have to be lifted when passing the intermediate frequency annealing equipment. Lifting up will cause a defective pipe of about 12 meters. The use of this technology can greatly improve the unit’s yield.

5.Advanced stock preparation technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) stocking area uses semi-automatic shear butt welding machine and automatic unattended looper, to achieve the unit allocation area requires only two workers to operate, reducing labor costs.

6.Advanced weld heat treatment technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) adopts advanced NQT weld heat treatment technology, first intermediate frequency heating of the weld, then quenching, followed by reheating the weld again, and then through the length of the air cooling section to the weld annealing. This weld heat treatment process can ensure that the test indicators of the weld meet the standards required by the natural gas transmission pipeline.

7.Advanced hydrostatic test technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) adopts an advanced hydraulic pressure tester. The hydraulic press adopts a large gap seal, the pressurizing cylinder completes the pressurization at one pressurization, and the pressurized water filling tank fills the water quickly, improving the safety measures. A comprehensive monitoring system ensures safe and fast operation. Fully automatic working mode.

8.Advanced flat chamfering technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) adopts advanced flat head chamfering machine, and flat head chamfering machine adopts patented fixture to ensure that the blunt edge after chamfering is uniform and consistent with GB/T9711 standard. Three cutters, one flat head, one chamfer, and one inner burr are removed on the cutterhead to ensure that the pipe end faces are clean

9.Advanced mill drive power display technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) uses advanced technology for monitoring the drive power of the rolling mill and configures dynamic analysis software for rack drive power distribution. It integrates the roll position and power distribution of the rack and dynamically displays the rack load. , Provide guidance for precise adjustment and reduce equipment damage caused by accidental overload of the rolling mill.

10.Low noise steel pipe conveying technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) took full consideration of environmental factors and adopted many effective measures, including noise reduction materials, short-distance transfer racks and other measures to ensure that the unit’s noise is very low, in line with relevant national standards.

11.Advanced steel pipe logistics management technology:

Our company’s Erw pipe line (Erw pipe mill) uses steel pipe numbering and identification systems to make all steel pipes in the entire production line identifiable and manageable. When each shift team gets off work, a production status table is automatically generated, detailing how many steel pipes were produced in this shift, how many roots of finished products, how many roots of scrap, and which wastes were generated in which process. In this way, the manager can clearly understand the condition of the unit and the production status, and can solve the problem in a targeted manner according to the process of waste production.

Advanced Square pipe line (Square pipe mill)

Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) has many advanced technologies and advantages

1. Automatic Flexible Molding Technology:

Our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) molding technology uses our company’s most advanced automatic flexible molding technology, using a multi-point pure bending method for deformation, to avoid real pressure deformation. In this way, a good surface quality can be obtained, the residual stress of the product can be reduced, and the product quality can be stable and reliable. And when changing the product specifications, the rough molding section does not need to change the roll, as long as the parameters such as the pipe size, wall thickness, and material are input on the computer, and the roll stops after it reaches the correct position, and the direct feed can be produced. This can greatly reduce the time for roll change and adjustment, reduce labor intensity and reduce safety accidents

2. Automatic centering function for unwinding machine:

The operation center of the company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) uncoiler has a “centering” button. When this button is pressed, the double cone head of the uncoiler will automatically center the unit and make the coils. The center is automatically aligned with the unit center, so that the center of the fed steel plate is the same as the center of the unit, and it is not necessary to use the vertical roller to adjust back and forth, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the instability in the production process.

3.Vertical roller automatic centering function:

Our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) has a “centering” button on the vertical roller console. When this button is pressed, the two rollers of the vertical roller will automatically center the unit and make the steel. The belt center is automatically aligned with the unit center and is not used to adjust. It is also possible to slowly adjust the center of the strip to be consistent with the unit center. The neutrality of the strip is very important in the production of the unit. Without neutrality, the unit cannot be produced normally. When adjusting the vertical roller, just set the number of vertical rollers on the touch screen to adjust left or right a few millimeters. The corresponding two vertical rollers will automatically synchronize to the required direction by the required value. When you need to press the center button again, the vertical roller will automatically center the unit.

4.Withdrawal shrinkage of the decoiler cone head:

Our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) decoiler uses a no-gap straightening mechanism, that is, the cone head has no longitudinal gap along the circumference of the cone when it is deflated. In this form, the tail of the steel plate is smoothly crossed and it will not be inserted into the cone head. Once the end of the plate is inserted into the cone, the cone head will be broken. This structure not only ensures the use of performance, but also ensures stability and reliability, and will not be frequently damaged by the end of the board.

5.blade with roller function:

Our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) blade uses our company’s patented technology, blade with roller, greatly improving the operability and improving efficiency. When the coil is clamped by the uncoiler, the roller presses against the coil and rotates simultaneously with the unwinder to drive the coil to rotate. At this time, the blade rises, aligns with the head of the coil and inserts into the steel plate of the first circle of the head. The coil continues to rotate, so that the first layer of steel leaves the coil and rides on the blade. At this time, the blade roller Raise, raise the steel band, the blade falls, the steel belt rolls to the pinch roller in the roller support of the blade roller.

6.automatic on the formal shear butt welding technology:

Our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) shear-welding machine adopts automatic steel plate alignment and automatic generation of plate gap clearance, which greatly shortens the operation time and improves the production efficiency. Especially with the automatic centering function of the vertical roller, the process time that affects the production efficiency is greatly shortened.

7. cardan shaft quick release device:

In our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill), the universal shaft used to replace the roll stands adopts a quick release structure. When the roll is replaced, the roll shaft can be taken out without disassembling the cardan shaft bolt. Can greatly save time and reduce labor intensity.

8.roll bearing roller technology:

When our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) roller design, for the roller with larger speed difference, adopts our advanced technology bearing roller to eliminate the speed difference, reduce the friction between the roller and the steel plate, improve the product quality, and prolong the use of the roller. life.

9.molding rack force monitoring system:

The force condition of each molding frame of our company’s Square pipe line (Square pipe mill) has a bar graph on the touch screen of the console, which clearly shows the force condition and will alarm when the force exceeds the design.  This avoids damage to the equipment caused by inappropriate adjustments, and can guide the adjustment of personnel, reasonable distribution of deformation, strive to achieve uniform deformation, improve product quality, extend equipment life.

Advanced Pipe end facing machine

Our company’s Pipe end facing machine has significant advantages such as high efficiency and good quality.

1. Use of Pipe end facing machine: It is used to flatten and chamfer the uneven surface of steel pipe after cutting.

2.Pipe end facing machine composition and description:Pipe end facing machine from the left and right flat machine host, aligned roller and push plate device, transport car, V-bracket, cutter plate, fixtures and other components. The left and right flat head machines are arranged in wrong heads and consist of headstocks, equipment bases, fast forward working drive systems, spindle drive systems, etc. The headstock shells are frame welded structures with internal spindles and the lower part is fitted with straight lines. Rails on the equipment base. The equipment base is also a frame welded structure for supporting the headstock. The fast forward working drive system consists of a servo motor, ball screw, and linear guide rails. It is used in the headstock to drive the cutter head forward and forward. This system configuration makes the headstock run smoothly, and the vibration is small. The spindle drive system consists of The spindle drive motor, belt transmission mechanism and belt tensioning mechanism are used to provide the main power to the cutterhead. The alignment roller table and push plate assembly are used for the precise alignment of the steel pipe, providing a reliable spacing for the subsequent fast forward movement of the flat chamfer. The feeding mode of the flat head chamfering machine adopts a hydraulic trolley structure. The feeding trolley can be moved up and down by a lifting cylinder, and can be moved forward and backward by a forward cylinder. The two lifting cylinders and a forward cylinder on the trolley can make the material carrier. The upper bracket makes a rectangular movement track, which is matched with the V-brackets of the alignment rail and the chamfering station, so that the steel pipe on the bracket can perform stepping movement, that is, from one station to another station. The equipment is equipped with a total of four transport trolleys, and four transport trolleys are operated synchronously through a hydraulic diverter motor. The V-shaped bracket is located on the chamfering station and is used to support the steel pipe chamfered by the chamfering station. The V-bracket can drive the turbine screw rod to move up and down through the motor to meet the requirements of different pipe diameters. The clamping device is hydraulically driven and clamped up and down. The fixtures are combined to suit different pipe diameters. The flat head chamfering machine is arranged before and after the double clamp to ensure that the blunt edge after the chamfering of the pipe end is uniform and consistent with the API-5L standard. There are three knives installed on the cutterhead, one flat head, one chamfered edge, one to remove the internal burrs, and ensure that the pipe end faces are clean and agile.

Advanced Hydrotester

Our company’s Hydrotester has many advantages, and it has significant features such as high test pressure and high production efficiency.

1. Hydrotester Use: Hydrotester is used to carry out pressure test on welded steel pipes to confirm if they can withstand the corresponding pressure. Hydrotester adopts upper feed, large clearance seal, secondary pressurization of booster cylinder, oil and water balance and pressure regulation, rapid filling of water filled tank with pressure, complete safety measures, comprehensive monitoring system, and safe and rapid operation. Fully automatic working mode.

2.Hydrotester composition and description: Hydraulic pressure test tube machine consists of hydraulic press body, pressure test die, stepping dial device, flushing length alignment system, empty water system, high pressure water system, low pressure water system, circulating water system and other components. The hydraulic press body consists of a tension beam, a water filling head, an exhaust head, a centering clamping device, a safety shield, and the like. The tension beam uses welded I-beam structure, stable and reliable structure, the pin hole is square with compensation block, more durable and reliable, water filling head adopts the upper layout of the expansion sleeve, easier to overhaul, fill valve adopts internal balance method, make the valve body The size of the flange fixing bolt is greatly reduced, and it is more safe and reliable. The hard and soft double seal is adopted in the valve core, and the sealing effect is even better. A photodetector is installed at the exhaust end to make the measurement of the exhaust time more accurate and improve the production efficiency. Exhaust valve core also uses a dual seal soft and hard, exhaust head with automatic adjustment function, when there is a variable-size steel pipe, the exhaust head will automatically adjust the length of the pipe, adjust the exhaust head and the filling head between Spacing to suit the length of the pipe. The middle clamping device adopts a V-shaped clamp and a synchronous lifting device to realize the complete alignment of the steel pipe clamping and is suitable for all the pipe diameters between 210 and 610, and does not need to replace the mold. The test mold and test head adopt T-block structure, which is convenient for changing the shape. Different diameters can be changed within 20 minutes. The stepping dial device adopts a scissors type pushing mechanism, and the dialing step is stable and reliable. The flushing length measuring alignment system is composed of an alignment roller table, an alignment baffle, a pushing plate device, a length measuring device, a rotating roller and a flushing device. The rotating roller cooperates with a flushing device to flush the steel pipe so as to avoid impurity contamination in the steel pipe. Circulating water, thus damaging the soft and hard seals in the valve cores of the water system, aligning the roller table with the aligning baffle to achieve the rough alignment of the steel pipe, pushing the plate device to push the steel pipe for fine alignment, and measuring the length of the steel pipe with the length measuring device To indicate whether the exhaust head is positionally adjusted. The empty water system includes an empty water pedestal, a pipe stopper and a pipe end lifting device. The tested steel pipe comes out of the pressure test position and goes up to the empty water pedestal. The empty water level is blocked by the pipe stopper and the pipe end lifts the device. One end of the steel pipe is lifted by the cylinder to make the steel pipe form a certain slope, which facilitates the outflow of water in the steel pipe. The high pressure water system is composed of a large flow reciprocating booster cylinder, a single stroke booster cylinder, a high pressure combination control valve, a one-way valve and various pipelines. The hydraulic pressure tester adopts the secondary pressure boosting method and is firstly reciprocally pressurized by a large flow rate. The cylinder increases the steel pipe pressure to a certain value, and then presses the pressure to the test pressure through a single-stroke booster cylinder. This not only provides a rapid pressure boost, but also allows the pressure boost curve to be flattened without the pressure boost caused by the high pressure pump. Curve dithering phenomenon, the single-stroke pressurized cylinder adopts oil-water balance and high-precision pressure transmitter in common control, which can achieve a steady increase in pressure. The low-pressure water system consists of a self-priming pump, a water storage tank, a gas storage tank, and various pipeline valve filters. When the large-caliber steel tube pressure test is performed, the water storage tank will be ventilated with pressurized air and will be filled with water. Improve water-filling efficiency to achieve high efficiency of the hydraulic press. The circulating water system includes a circulating water tank, a diversion channel and a filtration device. The circulating water pool is divided into three levels, which are an oil-water separation tank, a first-class sedimentation tank, and a secondary sedimentation tank. Water can be recycled by separating impurities from various levels of the pool. Reciprocating use. The safety shield is placed above the test press. The hood is provided with two elevated access platforms. The metal grille plate is used for the walk-out floor, and the operation and maintenance platform is left at the exhaust end of the hood to store the pressure test tools and spare parts. The operation and maintenance platform near the liquid-filled head is connected to the elevated operating room. Except for the operating room, the top of the hood is open to facilitate large-scale maintenance. The operation room is provided with a large field of view bullet-proof glass (1500X1200X60) window, and the front and bottom protective steel plates are 8mm. It is convenient and clear to observe the operation status of the equipment between the test head before and after, which not only facilitates the operation, but also protects the safety of the operator. At the same time, there are additional cameras and monitors. There are two high-pressure gauges directly in front of the console to directly display the test pressure. 2P cabinet air conditioner is installed in the operation room, and steel sandwich panels are used for the operation room wall panels.

The computer and the monitor are placed in the operating room, and the elevated operating room is located on the side of the safety protection room near the liquid filling head of the testing press. The working conditions of the safety testing room for the pressure testing room are all observed through the industrial monitor and the computing multimedia window. The safety protection indoor maintenance crane is a single beam 3 tons electric hoist

Digitally controlled Spiral welded pipe mill

Spiral welded pipe mill is used to produce spiral welded pipe equipment. The steel pipe is transformed into a spiral steel pipe by a molding machine, and the steel pipe is welded by a submerged arc welding machine.

Spiral welded pipe mill needs to adjust the molding machine when changing steel pipe specifications. This is a very hard work, dirty and tiring, and requires a very experienced skilled worker to complete the work. Because, if the adjustment is wrong, it will produce a large number of waste steel pipe, and even can not produce qualified steel pipe.

After years of research and development, our company finally invented a digitally controlled Spiral welded pipe mill.

The adjustment of this Spiral welded pipe mill is based on database + computer automatic control technology. Spiral welded pipe mill in the transformation of specifications need to adjust the molding machine 6 composition roller, the former adjustment work done by experienced adjustment workers, there is no theoretical data, relying on the adjustment of the experience of workers, this easily lead to an adjustment is not in place , waste management more. The adjustment and position of the six-component rollers of our Spiral welded pipe mill are precisely controlled by the encoder, and a complete database is established in advance based on theoretical data. When producing steel pipes of a certain specification, only the computer database is required. Select parameters such as plate width, pipe diameter, and wall thickness, and the 6-concrete roller will arrive at the correct position on its own and start production directly. This reduces adjustment efforts, reduces reliance on experienced adjustment workers, and reduces waste management. Of course, due to the complexity of the equipment, the data in the database may not be completely suitable. Therefore, the equipment design has fine-tuning functions and database correction functions. After a certain type of adjustment is appropriate, the database can be corrected, and the production can be directly performed when it is produced again.

Advanced Slitting line

Our company’s Slitting line has many advanced technologies and advantages

1. automatic decoiling machine centering technology:

Our company’s Slitting line uses the automatic centering technology of the unwinder to automatically center the coil onto the centerline of the unit after the coiler is loaded with coils. The alignment of steel coils is very important for the slitting unit, which directly affects the normal operation of the unit. If it is not aligned, it needs to be adjusted during the working process, and even serious accidents such as burr stripping and coiling deflection may occur. The unit’s parking adjustment greatly affects the unit’s production efficiency. If there is no automatic alignment technology, the pairing will become very difficult, and relying on artificial alignment will always result in inaccurate alignment and affect the normal production of the unit.

2.rapid unwinding technology:

Our company’s Slitting line uses a quick unwinding technology to quickly disassemble the head of the coil and send it to a pinch leveler. The speed of unwinding is very much related to the blade. The machine adopts a blade with a roller. After the blade opens the steel roll, the roller lifts and holds the steel belt, and the blade is separated from the steel belt. This solves the problem of dismantling. The problem that the steel belt is not easily transported forward makes the unwinding very easy and smooth, and improves the unit efficiency.

3. waste edge fast unloading technology:

Our company’s Slitting line uses a waste edge quick discharge technology, which can easily remove the wrapped scraps and eliminate the need for crowbars to unload.

4.head, tail bending technology:

The thick-walled and high-strength plate heads are not easy to bend and take up. When unloading, it is easy to get caught in the take-up shaft; the tails of the plates are not easy to pack and the bags are easy to collapse. Our company designed this company’s unique head and tail bending mechanism to solve this problem effectively.

5. rapid introduction of steel strip separator technology:

Our company’s Slitting line adopts a steel strip quick-introducing separator technology, which can adjust the position of a steel strip that is not slit and can not correspond to a separating piece. However, the slitting line can be quickly introduced into the separating piece without using a manual crowbar to increase the weight. Way to import. Improve the efficiency of the unit, reduce labor intensity and reduce the hidden dangers of work-related injuries. This device is provided on both the tensioner and the coiler, so that the strips of the slitting machine are guided into the separators very smoothly and no manual intervention is required. follow-up pit cover technology:

Our company’s Slitting line employs a follow-up pit cover technology, which solves the problem that workers can easily fall into the pit when packing work at the coiler. The unloading car comes with a pit cover, and the pit cover is connected to the body of the unloading trolley and moves along with the movement of the vehicle body. When the unloading trolley comes under the winding shaft, the pit cover can be Cover the pits of the unloading trolleys on the outside to facilitate the passage of workers and avoid accidents at work.

7.visual recognition intelligent adjustment of steel strip deviation control system

When the Slitting line is working, due to burrs and other reasons, the steel strip will produce running deviation phenomenon, if serious, it will cause shearing and affect the product quality. The current response is to manually look at the size of the side of the wire. If the deviation is serious, adjust the vertical roller manually to avoid shearing. However, due to the slower artificial response, in order to ensure product quality, the shear rate is often reduced, resulting in low production efficiency. The intelligent adjustment system newly developed by our company’s Slitting line can improve production efficiency without manual observation and adjustment. This system uses a visual recognition system to observe the deviation of the steel strip. It can automatically determine the deviation degree of the steel strip, intelligently analyze and adjust the timing, and automatically send out adjustment signals to drive the vertical roller to adjust the steel strip to ensure the center of the steel strip. The working speed of the slitting can be increased, so that the production efficiency can be improved and the product quality can also be effectively guaranteed.

Our Clients

The main product in our company is pipe making machine. The technology and quality can reach to the advanced level in the world. It has good economy and feasibility with good reputation. The equipments are sold to twenty provinces almost in China. Meantime, the equipment also is exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Korea and other countries.

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