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Our company can provide one-stop solution for bimetallic composite pipe factory. The bimetallic composite pipe is composed of two different metal materials, and the tube layers are tightly combined through various deformations and connection technologies, so that the two materials are integrated into a new type of metal composite pipe. The general design principle is that the base material meets the allowable stress of the pipeline design, and the coating is resistant to corrosion or wear. The bimetallic composite pipe has all the advantages of the base layer and the composite layer, which can effectively reduce the cost compared with the overall alloy pipe, and the composite pipe can be improved in the chloride and/or acidic environment with the sensitivity to stress corrosion cracking of the overall alloy pipe. Safety and reliability. With the development of industrial technology, the complexity of environmental media, and the intensification of international competition, many industries have increasingly higher requirements for the comprehensive performance of metal pipes, so bimetallic composite pipes and their production technology have been rapidly developed. Bimetallic composite pipes can maximize the complementarity of materials, save alloy elements, and reduce engineering costs. On the basis of ensuring the performance of the original base pipe, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pipeline are improved, and the length of the pipeline is extended. The service life is a substitute for pure stainless-steel pipes, copper pipes or other corrosion-resistant alloy pipes. After years of research and promotion, the composite pipe has been widely recognized in the corrosive petroleum, petrochemical enterprises, nuclear industry, medicine, food processing and other fields. Mine ore powder and tailings slurry transportation and other high-wear working environment requirements. With people’s emphasis on health, the sanitation of drinking water is becoming more and more important. The bimetallic composite pipe solves the practicality and economy well, and will be used in drinking water pipes in large quantities, with great market potential.